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a picture speaks
1,000 words

The priority here is to upload your LOGO and ANY advertising or marketing artwork files, up to 20MB, so Spdy has something to look at when we do a Spdy CHAT.

Save Time & Money

Cut to the chase when you setup your account or call ahead to discuss options and capabilities:

  • UPLOAD your LOGO
  • Scan an old Invoice where we can find the MFG, part # or detailed description of the product or services you are want
  • Notes to highlight what you have in mind

Spdy will work out special terms + pricing to make it worthwhile to tranfer your business over here. Yes, we can do a PRICE MATCH on a project BUT this is about saving your firm serious dollars! Price Matching just "matches" the price.*

*we once put together a program for a large firm who used about 100 boxes of business cards a year for their team members. They were paying about $150 /bx for these beauties. Our new program was $80 /bx ... saving the firm about $7,000 per year.
This is BETTER than price matching ... YES?

Trade for Services

Yes ... to a degree.

If you run a food place like pizza, sandwiches or coffee ... a contractor like a plumber, electrician or do yard work ... and you need a box of business cards or some graphic design projects completed ... that's an easy trade!

Spdy will allow up to $100 in gift cards as payment, with the understanding they can be given to family or friends for use anywhere in the USA.

If you are thinking more than $100, please fill out this form with the details on what you have in mind, OR ... ask for Spdy when you call the office.

The Spdy Chat
is better when looking
at the same thing

We can send you a link to activate our CHAT session once we get these files OR we can TALK over the phone.

If you prefer to type back and forth ... that's OK ... BUT ... this is a very VISUAL business. And "design" means different things, like "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

Please use this form to give our Team a chance to see what you see ... while we do a Spdy CHAT.

ZIP a file up to 20MB to include pictures, artwork files, your PDF files for printing, etc. ... add a links to the websites you want us to see to get a better feel for you want to accomplish.

Set a Time to Talk with a Real Person

Give us a bit to look at what you send and have everything open when we call you.



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