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CMS-web-FX-showcase-website Content Management Systems (CMS)
are applications designed to manage
dynamic content for a website.

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Spdy offers 3 levels of CMS:
  • for the busy Business Owner or Manager ...
    we offer Full-Service maintenance. This is where you can call Spdy over the phone or send an Email with new info when you want to update the website, post an Event and even create the design for the marketing materials to promote and support the Event.
  • get a Fast Start, where we design a site to match your style, create the framework with the initial pages, forms, social links, and images in place, and turn it over to you to take over.
  • Spdy DIY website builder
    This platform is like the one you see on TV from our competitors, where a happy husband and wife are looking at their new website that took minutes, and are ready for the deposits to their bank account.
    HINT: do the 3-months for $15 and see if it fits your style. If not, and your business requires your time running + growing the business, call Spdy. We'll credit your account for the $15 and get it up to speed with our Fast Start program or hopefully, you'll be too busy running the business that you'll need to delegate the work with our Full-Service program.

Using a CMS platform for your website is geared to the business folks who like writing their own stories, articles and keeping their customers updated with current events and relevant news.

Some call it a blog based on the original concept that it is a web journal. Blogs have exploded to become complete websites so they are not just the simple 1-page design from the past.

If you sell goods and services, CMS is also a great option. In general, products and services will need to be frequently updated with pricing, inventory available, changes in production time, or special deals as a limited time offer.

Some call it a web store but also go by eCommerce websites. Spdy prefers the shorter: Ecom website.

All CMS applications have the ability to manage news, blogs, ecommerce, etc. They include a templating system that allows the appearance / style of web pages to be controlled, while changing the main content per page.

The more advanced applications can include a near endless list of additional features, including:

categories, commenting, user logins, polls, statistics, file managers, FAQ managers, in-house glossary, web store,

Let us integrate your web world with our Fast Start program to establish your CMS website.

Tell us what you want or give us a call to talk about the concept you have in mind to see if we're a match.

Guaranteed Design Work

We want long-term customers ... not one-timers. If you are not happy with your new website or any other design we create for you, just tell Spdy it needs to be fixed. We'll get it to your standards FAST ... as in Spdy Go Fast!

Graphic Design for the Web with years of experience in the printing industry gives our Team the edge when we work for Your Brand. Spdy graphic design will create, manage and develop Your Brand standards across the board.


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Ecommerce platforms

Yes, Spdy knows Ecommerce and can add this program to your current website or make it the main website for your business.

Spdy includes basic Ecommerce website hosting with all website design packages. It is extra to add
++SSL certificates
++dedicated hosting IP
Email marketing newsletters
Search Engine Marketing

There are options when it comes to an Ecommerce websites, starting with the software. Here are the Carts we can add to your package when Spdy does the web hosting and/or design:

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Seller FX
geared to MFG's