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Pricing for Spdy FX

If you have an ACTIVE website that is not performing to your expectations OR you are not happy with it's design and function (links not active, wrong way, etc) OR maybe it just needs a bit more TLC.

Flat Pricing Rates = No Surprises

Most of our Clients prefer no surprises on their invoices. You know, the ones where you look at the details and owe another round for shipping, handling, hours for the extra time it took to complete the project ... etc. We've heard the horror stories ...

Pricing to Convert your HTML to a Flex website
  • $300 for active websites with up to 5 pages
  • $500 " " 10 pages
  • $750 " " 20 pages
  • $50 per page for additional pages over 20 pages
Includes 3 templates:
  • main (index or landing)
  • contact (forms)
  • about (content)
ADDING pages in the future

Again, we like easy in terms of knowing what to expect when it comes to your dollars.

  • $50 per page*
    using 1 of the 3 existing templates we have
  • $100 for a new template,
    created from 1 of the 3 existing templates
Questions or need more Info?

Tell us what you want or give us a call to talk about the concept you have in mind to see if we're a match.

Guaranteed Design Work

We want long-term customers ... not one-timers. If you are not happy with your new website or any other design we create for you, just tell Spdy it needs to be fixed. We'll get it to your standards FAST ... as in Spdy Go Fast!

Graphic Design for the Web with years of experience in the printing industry gives our Team the edge when we work for Your Brand. Spdy Design USA will create, manage and develop Your Brand standards across the board.



Flex Web design
a flat $500 to convert
websites up to 100 pages

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