Gotcha Mobile Solutions

Spdy NET is a distributor for Gotcha Mobile Marketing Solutions

Gotcha Marketing Solutions

We offer many great products and services which will help you achieve high conversion rates.

We provide you with free access to our Campaign Management Dashboard (CMD™), which allows you to Create, Manage and view analytics on all your digital campaigns.

If you are asking why Spdy NET, a web design and marketing firm, needs to partner with Gotcha ... you'll see that their team created and developed technology that is ahead of the curve. They got the (TM) to prove it. And Spdy knows good stuff when we see it.


Campaign Strategy
with Gotcha Mobile Solutions


CREATE CONTENT that will attract your audience.


DRIVE THEM to this content, where they will have a positive experience


CONVERT user forms and phone numbers to capture leads

*Gotcha Mobile Solutions is the creative force behind the technologies to interact with your customers and target market. Spdy NET is an authorized distributor for their programs.