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The BEFORE and AFTER effects
of Your ACTIVE website

If you have an ACTIVE website that is not performing to your expectations OR you are not happy with it's design and function, maybe links are not active, got the wrong way, content is old, etc ... OR maybe it just needs a bit more TLC to finish what you started. If this is You ...

the Spdy FX program is for you!

When we're done, normally in 2-3 days (up to 25 page websites), you will have a minimum 5 page website no matter what, using 1 of 3 templates we will create for easy maintenance over the years.

The website will feature:

If you have 1 or 2 pages, we need to add some basic stuff to get you up and running. If you have 50 pages on your website right now, we will categorize these pages to 1 of the 3 basic templates we create.

Our 3 basic Templates
  • Home page (index.html)
  • About page for multipurpose presentations of content
    on this site, it's most of the pages
  • FORM page (contact, quote, upload, etc)

Yes, FORMS are standard for most websites, but there is BASIC ... and there is great looking with design and function customized to your business.

general CONTACT page
  • customized form
  • data validation (ZIP will require real USA ZIP)
  • NO captcha required (secure code)
  • forms hosted on a secure server (1 year free)

example | we like the captcha but it's optional

Secure Data Capture CONTACT page
  • customized form
  • secure captcha
  • data validation (ZIP will require real USA ZIP)
  • ability to upload up to 20MB of files (ZIP file)
  • forms hosted on a secure server (1 year free)

example | or look to the >> RIGHT >>

Email Signup form

Whether or not you have a newsletter you send via Email on a regular basis, and if not - you should, this is a great way to validate the sign-up AND fine-tune the details of your subscribers for long-term marketing.

  • customized form
  • secure captcha
  • data validation (ZIP will require real USA ZIP)
  • forms hosted on a secure server (1 year free)

SEO friendly Elements


We setup and easy to use blogger for you to personally update the news, events, etc. of your business. SEO loves articles and the activity of articles. If you already have a favorite like WordPress, let us know and we'll show you how it works for your application.

The Map has Options

Maps are perfect for those who have people come to their location ... not everyone wants a map. Manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and the business who uses access control systems for who knows what, may prefer to keep their location private.

If you run a business from your home, you might want to show the location of a local virtual office that offers an office or conference room when you need it. In this situation, we go with a regional map.

We use Google Maps as the standard, but some prefer Bing or Mapquest. Either way, it's an easy option. The idea is to keep them on your website and not go to Google or Bing and just happen to see one of your competitors ads and never to return!**

** these firms make money when people click the featured Ads, based on keywords, which most likely are in your content.


A video like what you see on You Tube or Vimeo is a favorite for SEO. Check out the Vimeo Hubnut presentation

We embed the video within your website and offer the option of a flash video so they have no need or the option to leave your website.


A sitemap is a XML page that is crawled by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. It's a basic SEO requirement that can be set to crawl once a week, month, etc.

Privacy Policy, Legal Stuff

It's required for obvious reasons. We're based in California so the California Policy is added to our general statement.

$500 to convert
most websites


Bill Me Later accepted
the PayPal special billing

Spdy NET accepts payments via the Ecommerce industry leader: PayPal.